You are part of a club. Whether you think you aren’t, you are. This club is called motherhood. We are all types of mothers. We are the stay at home moms, the working moms, the stressed moms, the tired moms, the busy moms, the moms that have it all, the single moms, the married moms, the strict moms, the fun moms, and the many other moms we can be.

The one thing we all have in common is that we are moms. We wear many hats. There are days when we feel frazzled, sleep deprived, and run down. There are nights when we feel unattractive no matter how many times our spouses tell us we are beautiful. Days go by and we are still stressed out. Sometimes we can’t remember the last time we showered, washed our hair, or ate a full meal. Sleep? Ya right! We look at some moms and go “wow they are so perfect and have it all together” (at least I do).

No matter how many books you read about parenting, there are going to be days where you question whether or not you’re the perfect mommy. Just remember, when you are feeling that way, just know, you are the perfect mommy. You are the perfect mommy in your child’s eyes.

From one mama bear to another ❤
Posted by:The not so perfect, perfect mommy

New mom here! Just learning how to be the best mom I can be. Between working full time, keeping my other business alive (I am a candle maker), and now blogging, I am learning how to juggle it all. Thank goodness for my husband who works from home and is a great support system. I hope you enjoy this site :)

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